This site is my online sandbox. A place to try new ideas, collect resources for my work, and write about design.

I am a currently a Drupal Developer at Riven Design.  My web experience ranges from designing personal blogs to corporate and government websites. I have more than 20 years of design experience.  This includes working independently and as an in-house designer in corporate, government, and educational settings. For the last 10 of those years I have been working on projects that comply with State and Federal accessibility requirements including Section 508 compliance, WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.

This site is used to try and write about new design ideas, new development tools and technology. This site is usually in some sort of transition. The theme may be in mid-development, or the site structure changing. If it isn't working at all, please check back later.

Douglas Tschetter - 2016

Recent Blog Posts

Drupal 7 offers several default entity types. Node (content) types, Taxonomies, and Users by default, File and Custom Entities with add-on modules.  When you are first confronted by Drupal, these can be confusing. Sure Users seems straight-forward, but Taxonomies and Content Types can turn you in circles if you aren't careful.

Too many projects start off with big plans, without even a glance at the big picture. Not the "Big Picture" in the global sense, but an evaluation of how the website as a complete entity will function. What types of content will there be? How will the content types interact with one another. What sort of URL structure will there be?

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